inspiring a Generation?! » Crippen’s Inspiring cartoon

Crippen's cartoon about the Olympics inspiring a generation

Crippen’s Inspiration cartoon

On the left hand site of this cartoon are Cameron and Coe standing in front of a London 2012 Olympics promotion area. Various signs are displayed stating ‘Going for Gold’, Supa Brits’ and ‘Team GB’. In front of the two is a large sign saying ‘Inspiring a Generation’. On the right hand side of the cartoon we can see that the Olympic area is a facade, being held up by wooden props and held together by nailed cross pieces of wood. In the right hand side is also a delapidated sports hut with smashed windows and torn guttering. Various sports equipment lies around it in various stages of decay and disrepair. A piece of paper on the floor states ‘All funding for sports activities cancelled’ whilst a large sign in the centre states ‘Municipal Sports Field – sold to make way for a supamultiplex and 20 fast food franchises’.

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