Crippen supports the call for the end of the WCA

A disabled independent disability studiesresearcher is finding it disturbing that the Disability Benefits Consortium is failing to support the user-led disabled community in its call for an end to the seriously flawed Work Capability Assessment (WCA).

As the research lead for the Preventable Harm Project that she led for ten years, Mo Stewart points to the most recently published evidence that establishes a direct link to the death, despair and preventable harm of many thousands of disabled people who were evaluated using the WCA.

In a letter to Mark Hodgkinson, Chief Executive of Scope (who are active members of the Consortium) Mo expresses serious concern to learn that once again charitable groups like Scope, who claim to represent the disabled community in theDisability Benefits Consortium are lobbying for improvements to the WCA instead of demanding that it should be abolished. She told him:

“This simply demonstrates to the DWP that the Disability Benefits Consortium anticipate that the WCA will continue to be used. Most of us now accept that the WCA is a fatally flawed and totally discredited non-medical functional assessment – not a medical assessment – and is guaranteed to cause preventable harm to those in greatest need. In her letter to Hodgkinson, Mo reiterated that:

“The WCA disregards diagnosis, prognosis, past medical history and prescribed medicines and was influenced by corporate America, who have advised successive UK administrations regarding social policy reforms since 1992.

“In a recently published briefing written in response to the Health and Disability Green Paper, and the latest research paper accepted for publication by the Journal of (In)Justice International it is made clear that the WCA does not need to be improved in any way. It needs to be abolished to stop more chronically ill and disabled people being killed by the state.”

I’ll let you know when (if?!) Mo gets a response. I don’t think she’s holding her breath!

Description of cartoon for those using screen reading software

Three giant red letters spelling out WCA are standing on grass against a clear blue sky. The letters are crumbling and cracking and are being repaired by three people. The first, a white male with an ID badge identifying him as being from the charity Mencap is hammering wooden strengtheners onto the letter ‘A’ whilst an Asian woman (from Scope) is wrapping white bandage around the letter ‘C’. The letter ‘W’ has a white male (from Leonard Cheshire) sat on top of it replacing broken pieces. A young wheelchair user is glaring at them whilst holding a banner with ‘scrap the work capability assessment’ printed on it. On the floor are three large pieces of card. On one is written ‘preventable harm project establish WCA directly linked to deaths’, on another is written ‘DPO’s state that WCA not fit for purpose’ and the final piece has written upon it ‘1,000’s die due to WCA process’. The man from Mencap is saying to the wheelchair user: “Just imagine where you’d be without the help of the Disability Benefits Consortium!”

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