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Crippen’s Social Model/barriers explanation

The strip cartoon (which was produced for Disability History Month) is entitled ‘Barriers in Action’ It portrays a young disabled woman with a mobility impairment, having been offered a job, finding out that there are several barriers to her actually starting. The first picture shows her receiving a job offer letter by post. The job is in a town called Normville. She is obviousely very pleased and is saying: “Result!”. The second picture shows her with a friend who is saying to her:”Are you sure you’ll be able to cope?!”. At the bottom of this picture is the word ‘attitude’. The third picture shows her speaking to an estate agent in Normville by telephone. The estate agent is saying to her:”I’m afraid that all the properties in your price range have stairs!”. At the bottom of this picture is the word ‘physical’. The fourth picture shows her on the phone to a member of staff at the Normville adult social care office. He is saying to her:”Transfer your support package? You would have to live here before we could even assess you!”. The word at the bottom of this picture is ‘institutional’. Fifth picture shows her having received her job contract and phoning the employer to ask if they could provide it in large print. The employer is saying:” …er?!”. The word at the bottom of this picture is ‘information’. The last picture shows her looking very miserable and is thinking: “Was this such a good idea after all?!”. In front of her are the words ‘barriers, barriers, barriers, barriers’.

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  1. Posted by Jane Hatton on 30/04/2011 at 22:34

    This cartoon sums up the social model very well. I would love to use this cartoon in an e-book I’m writing on employing disabled people. Can you contact me so we can discuss it?



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