Sledge hammer tactics! » ATOS hammer

Cameron wielding the ATOS hammer at claimants

Crippen’s ATOS hammer cartoon

Cameron is wielding a huge hammer enscribed with ATOS and with a label stating ‘£800 million’ and another label stating ‘Incentive bonus’. Behind him is a large sack with ‘£16 billion unclaimed benefits’ printed on it. Under the hammer are a group of disabled people identified as ‘bona fide benefit claiments’. A single figure, dressed in a striped jumper and wearing a mask whilst carrying a sack with swag written on it is identified as ‘fraudulant claimants 0.5%’. A piece of paper blowing in the air above them has written on it ‘70% of claiments are reinstated after appeal – having been denied benefit by ATOS’. Cameron is saying to the claiments: “AND I’ve got the full support of the Daily Mail readers!”

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