No Publicity

Video footage and photographs have been released on social networking sites and U-Tube that show a policeman in full riot gear pulling a Disabled protester from his wheelchair. The protester, Jody McIntyre was one of the students who were protesting about the raise in tuition fees in central London yesterday.

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  1. Posted by pinkpjs on 11/12/2010 at 14:23

    The system has been beating us up in many ways for years!
    Now it’s enforcers do so openly rather than without witnesses.
    Great stuff Dave 😀 ell it like it is!


  2. Posted by vnc2c on 11/12/2010 at 16:11

    I love it, thanks, Dave!

    It ties in with what I have long said about ‘police, camera, action’ versions of the news.

    I wonder whether PC141 thought he was taking ‘positive action’ toward disabled people?

    Given the role modelling set by successive disability ministers and those supposed ‘caring professionals’ at Atos Healthcare under contract to the DWP, I would not be surprised. Less than a year after a 16 December 2009 Employment & Support Allowance tribunal turned the 0 eligibility points awarded me 21 points [six over the threshold], I am obliged to be assessed yet again by the same company. At their Highgate Medidcal Examination Centre off the Holloway Road, the lift access is via the neighouring jobcentre and shuts down when the jobcentre staff go home and mobility-impaired ‘customers’ may still be waiting at the Atos MEC. Who ever considered doing a building accessibility audit before allowing Atos to remain open when the jobcentre staff have gone home and the only remaining way out of the building is down three steep flights of stairs?

    But of course, investigative journalism tends to be confined to smearing those who oppose cuts in public services, rather than those whose results imply that most disability benefit claimants are on the fiddle.


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