Hidden agenda?!


Tories investment opportunity


Everything that the CONDEMs are doing with regard to disabled people seems aimed at getting us all (back) into residential care. Taking away huge chunks of benefits payments, stopping the Independent Living Fund, slashing health care, housing and transport provision; all of these cuts seem designed to put a stop to our ability to live independently in the community.

There’s got to be an ulterior motive for all this, and as it involves the Tories, it’s a fair bet that it’ll be about them making a profit out of other people’s misfortune?!

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  1. As a disabled person who has been working for over 25 years, the moves by the Government are terrible. I need a lift to lift my wheelchair onto my car, so I can get to work and travel for my job. The lift alone costs £3000, plus another £500 per year for repairs, etc. The Acccess to Work scheme pays for the installation of the lift (I pay for any repairs). If the Governemnt cuts the scheme, either my employer will be asked to contribute, making it less likely I would be attractive to any employer. So if I end up unemployed, the cost to the Governemnt will be a lot more than £3000 once every 5 years. Where is the economic sense in that?


  2. Posted by Diana Harrison on 21/12/2010 at 14:54

    I agree with you Mark, we will all end up in care homes at huge cost to the tax payer when all we want is freedom to try and live like everyone else! None of the disabled cuts come with any long term thought into the huge effects of them.


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