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Crippen's tank cartoon

I really think that we are beginning to get through to the CONDEMs that we are not going without one hell of a fight!

More and more disabled people are turning out for the various anti-cuts demonstrations that are taking place across the length and breadth of England and making their voices heard. And it looks as though the big rally planned by the TUC in London on 26th March will include members from all of the anti cuts groups run and controlled by us crips; in effect the largest turn out of disabled protesters that this country has ever seen.

Even those of us who can’t be there physically are being facilitated by groups like ‘Black Triangle’ (who originated this idea at the Inclusion Scotland Conference earlier this year)  and ‘Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC)’ who are both planning on carrying banners with absent disabled protesters names printed on them. There is also going to be a virtual protest blogs set up so that those who can’t participate physically can do so on-line.

Accessible transport is being arranged, a buddy support system is being organised and the TUC have announced the setting up of a large video screen for those who can get to Hyde Park but can’t access the actual march itself. I’ve also just heard that there’ll be a static protest point in Hyde Park for those of us unable to participate in the actual march.

And it also looks as though the mainstream press are starting to take notice of us too. The recent demonstration in Birmingham at which our own Bob Williams Findlay spoke was shown on television that night.  Also several excellent videos about the protests from the likes of John McCardle and Craig Lundie from Black Triangle, and Eleanor Lisney and Linda Burnip from DPAC are currently doing the rounds on UTube.

Protest groups that mainly consist of non-disabled people are also now beginning to realise that we have a vital part to play in the nation wide protest against this government’s punitive actions. Albeit with some heavy lobbying by disabled activists, they seem to be taking on board issues around accessibility and inclusion.

Call me optimistic but I think that after the 26th March demonstration, bully-boy Cameron and his cronies will be in no doubt that disabled people in this country are determined to put a stop to their slash and burn tactics. I can forsee the biggest U-turn in political history coming up with regard to benefits reforms and this will be down to those disabled people who protested and shouted ‘rights not charity’!

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  1. I really hope your right, I shall keep an eye out for up to date info, thanks for all the work you do…


  2. Here’s the link for the main event on London on March 26th Dave. There’s some disability specific info to be shared


    Disabled Marchers are being encouraged to arrive reasonably early (but, not to the detriment of their health or needs), (roads will be closed around the organiing and March Area and Route of march. The allocated place to meet at the start of the March is Savoy Street, not far off the Embankment, there will be loo’s for disabled people in very close proximity to there (Portaloos no doubt). I’ll post another disability specific link, shortly.


  3. As promised, this is the latest disability specific information, to try to ensure, we’re all fully included.



  4. Posted by Linda Burnip on 10/03/2011 at 21:32

    I’m really excited about people who support DPAC and other disabled people coming to the TUC march and rally, I know people who are flying down from Newcastle as they can’t cope with coaches, a mutual friend of ours is coming with PA from his Leonard Cheshire prison in Yorkshire,non-disabled people in North East and Cumbria are supporting some of us to get there too. I’ve also had my fifth picture for placards arrive.

    Keep up good work with cartoons


    • Posted by John McGovern on 11/03/2011 at 09:49

      It’s fantastic to hear that one of your friends, incarcerated in a Leonard Cheshire ‘prison’ is coming to the rally. Your friend and people like him, will be the hardest hit of all when changes occur, with the removal of their DLA Mobility Component, for those in residential care and Nursing Homes.

      Yes, the Government climbed down on the issue, however it was by no means a U-Turn, there was a very large and loud proviso, “We’ll revisit this, next year”. So, we’ve been given a stay of execution and more time to hammer home the fact. It’s unreasonable to expect an adult, living in any sort of acomadation to live on less than £22.00 per week! For goodness sake, most disabled people in Nursing Homes have complex or mutliple disabilities, meaning, they’re unable to access public transport and often, cabs. Which means they have to go to considerable length and expense to arrange the simplest of evenings out, or, other social events like Adult Eduction.

      I’ve been wordy, however, I feel I’ve made my point. If you’re coming along on March 26th, don’t just march for yourself, march for every other disabled person you know, who could not physically, emotionally, financially, or logistically get to this march themselves! Wear their names on arm bands, or, add a list of ‘absent friends’ to the rear of your placard on the day.


  5. Don’t forget Scotland!

    Thanks for all your fab work Dave!

    Love & Solidarity,

    Black Triangle


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