The spread of Atos tentacles

Crippen's Atos tentacles cartoon

Atos tentacles

Atos Origin, the french owned company who undertake the ‘work capability assessment’ for the UK government have spread their tentacles still further into the world of disabled people.

Already a ‘worldwide partner’ of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), Atos founder and former chair Bernard Bourigeaud, has now been invited to join the IPC as a member of the Governing Board.

Bourigeaud, a non-disabled person who now runs his own consulting company, will take his place alongside the 14 other members of the Governing Board with immediate effect and therefore be part of the body primarily responsible for the implementation of policies and direction of the Paralympic Movement.

Bob Williams Findlay, a spokesperson for Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) commented:

“The chief agent of people’s oppression currently in the UK is Atos, and whilst I fully understand the outrage over the appointment of Bernard Bourigeaud as a co-opted member of the Governing Board of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), I can’t say I’m surprised … whilst western capitalist states may be slashing their welfare budgets, global corporations such as Atos, continue to exploit the potential markets surrounding medicine, ill health and disability.”

You can read more by Bob on the DPAC web site.

Click here to access the DPAC web site.

Black Triangle, another anti-cuts organisation of disabled people based in Scotland have called for a boycott of the Paralympics. John McArdle, Black Triangle’s facilitator told me:

“In a recent survey by Scope, 64% of all respondents said that they see the Paralympics as an opportunity for disabled people. We agree; it is an opportunity for grassroots disabled people and disabled people’s organisations to UNITE TOGETHER and BOYCOTT this event!”

You can read more what John has to say about this on the Black Triangle web site.

Please click here to access the Black Triangle web site.

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  1. If there’s a problem with the Black Triangle link. Please try this link to access the Paralympic article by John Mc –


  2. Posted by Emma on 10/09/2011 at 12:59

    As a disabled person I think the Paralympics do represent a good opportunity for people like me. But what you’re suggesting is a ridiculous idea, I can’t believe anyone would seriously suggest it, let alone think it could actually achieve anything.


    • Hi Emma, thanks for responding. I think you’ll find though that I can’t take credit for this suggestion. The protest group Black Triangle have kicked this one off and I’m sure would welcome your input on their web page (link on my blog). 🙂


  3. […] the computing for next year’s Paralympics. People thought things were getting even odder when Atos founder Bernard Bourigeaud joined the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) […]


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