Cheap seats?!

Crippen's take on the empty olympic seating fiasco

Cheap seats?!

If ever more evidence was needed just how much the big corporation have taken of the Olympic Games just look at the amount of empty seating around the different events.

Thousands of these empty seats have been provided to the various corporations that have ‘sponsored’ this years extravaganza, along with additional free seating for olympic officials.

However a last minute attempt to cover up the fact that most of these VIP seats were remaining empty has resulted in another débâcle. Thousands of seats have now been released by the organisers. The plan being that these seats can be purchased on the internet by ‘ordinary’ punters.

Hang on though. Because you’d have to physically claim your tickets on the same day that you register for them, this means that only people living in or around London need bother (as only they could make this same day deadline!).

And oops! As most of these new seats are in the ‘secure’ areas, there’s no time to impliment background checks on the ordinary people applying!

But who ever suggested that this event was anything other than another corrupt Corporate/Government collaboration?

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  1. Posted by Merry Cross on 30/07/2012 at 15:07

    Love it! (but couldn’t click like, because the window came up too far to the left – like my politics?!)


  2. Ha ha … I know you’re a closet leftie! 😉


  3. BTW anyone notice my deliberate mistakes!


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