Vote Rigging?!

Boris cartoon

Never mind our complaints about ATOS and Maximus (the companies that have been responsible for wrongly assessing benefits claimants), the following information has been taken from the Blog of Timothy Meredith of Liverpool’s Political Soapbox and focusses on a more immediate issue.

IDOX Plc, a private company with shareholders mostly made up of American asset and financial management companies, is apparently responsible for the oversight, distribution, and counting of 90% of this country’s postal votes.

The other interesting thing to note about this company is that Peter Lilley, a Conservative MP and Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party until his appointment to the House of Lords in 2018, was also an IDOX director from 2002 to April 2018, right before his ascension to the Lords.

Why would anyone think it is acceptable for a private company, there to make a profit for the shareholders, with such obvious ties to a political party, be allowed anywhere near counting votes?

Well, it looks even more suspicious when it seems the first election IDOX used their systems for was the 2014 Independence Referendum (when the Conservative MP was still a director) where they were used in Scotland, and in just 2014, David Cameron sent a letter out to everyone on the electoral register telling them to sign up for postal voting.

Suddenly, it makes sense how Conservative MP Dominic Raab and Conservative Chief Propagandist Laura Kuenssberg can claim to have knowledge of postal vote results even before the election, when electoral law dictates the postal votes are not to be opened or looked at until the polling stations close at 10pm on election day.

One may be forgiven for thinking that the postal vote aspect of the general election was not conducted in an appropriate manner?!


Description of cartoon for those using screen reading software

Boris Johnson is standing in front of a sign that reads ‘General Election 2019’. In his hand is a victory speech. Two sinister looking men are standing alongside of him. They look like gangsters and are wearing dark grey coats with the collars turned up and slouch hats that are pulled down over their eyes. One of them is carrying a violin case with IDOX printed on it and the other one is handing some documents to Boris which has ‘Postal vote results’ printed on it. Boris is saying: “Tell your boss to look for his name in the New Year’s Honours list!”




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