Crippen looks at the use of labels


Don’t you just love labels?!

It’s almost as if society couldn’t continue to function unless we identify people by attaching those labels that categorise, and put us in boxes of types, colours, creeds, impairments, etc. Trouble is, quite a few of us fall into several categories and therefore require quite a few labels to keep the status quo happy.

If you agree to wear these labels, you’ll find that you’ll gradually get worn down, not just by the weight of them, but by what they represent.

“Me label you? Surely not!” is often the response by those people who need you to be kept in your place and identified as being one of those needy or vulnerable individuals (who then require segregating or being marginalised).

Oh, and the catch is that they can’t be seen. Clever eh?!


Description of cartoon for those people using screen reading software

An older white woman is handing out large labels with ‘tragic’ and ‘pathetic’ printed on them. Two other labels are by the side of her with ‘less able’ and ‘failure’ printed on them. A large sign above her reads ‘Department of Dependency and Care’. A black male and a white wheelchair user have labels already hung around their necks. The label on the black male reads, ‘nutter’ whereas the labels on the wheelchair user read ‘brave’ and ‘burden’. The woman is saying to them both: “Come along now – one more label and you’re ready to face the world!”

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