Crippen sends Boris a ‘Get well soon’ message

I’m sure we all wish Boris a speedy recovery, but there must be quite a few of us who are pleased that the government’s lack of preparedness has come around to bite him in the proverbial. Karma I think it’s called!

30 get well soon
Get well soon Boris @

Get well soon anyway Boris. You are a cartoonist’s dream and we’d all miss you terribly if you succumbed to this horrible virus.

Description for those using screen reading software

Boris Johnson is sat in a hospital bed in the private wing of a hospital wearing striped blue pyjamas. On the bed is a paper that reads ‘coronavirus for idiots’. Above his bed is a sign that reads ‘do not resuscitate’ which has just been put up and is still swinging. The back of a wheelchair user with curly black hair is seen leaving the room. Boris is saying: “Liz Carr – is that you?!”

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