Crippen and the Greater Manchester Big Covid-19 Disability Survey

Disabled People’s Groups and Organisations have compiled a questionnaire to discover what effects the Covid 19 virus has had on disabled people in the Greater Manchester area.

The questions are designed to identify the issues and experiences that their members are currently facing. They need as many responses as they can get in order to make this a solid evidential base to shape how services in Greater Manchester are responding.

If you want to launch a similar survey for your locality then please leave your details in the comment section below and I’ll put you in touch with one of the organisers.

Remember – Nothing about us without us!

Click here to see the survey.

Description of cartoon for those people using screen reading software

A large, representative group of disabled people are holding up the results from the Greater Manchester Covid 19 survey. In front of them is an Asian man in a grey suite and blue tie who is writing on a blackboard. He has written ‘Manchester shaping services for disabled people after Covid 19’. He is also looking over his shoulder at the group of disabled people, one of whom is saying: ”Don’t forget – nothing about us without us!”

Don’t forget, you can also follow Crippen along with other disabled artrists on the Disability Arts Online (DAO web site.

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