Crippen puts the Coronavirus expense bill into perspective

According to government figures the Coronavirus will have cost us an estimated £69 billion by October 2020. Sounds a lot, but let us put it into some perspective shall we …

Back in 2009 this government paid out £500 billion to bail out the bankers.

The cost of renewing Trident was another £200 billion.

The cost of HS2 so far is £106 billion.

And let’s not forget the government’s own estimate that over £70 billion is owed by their tax dodging friends!

Just saying!

Description of cartoon for those using screen reading software

A huge balance, like a seesaw dominates the page. On one end are several large sacks which contain money spent on Trident at £200 billion pounds, bank bailout at £500 billion pounds, and HS2 at £106 billion pounds. At the other end is a single sack containing estimated money spent on the pandemic at £69 billion pounds. On the floor beneath the balance are two other sacks. One contains £70 billion pounds owed in unpaid taxes and the other one reads ‘money saved by cutting services ???’. At the end of the balance which has the single sack, Boris Johnson and Demonic Cummings are stopping it from tilting down at the weighted end. The balance is already starting to bend with the weight at the other end. Boris is saying: “Well that looks pretty balanced to me!”

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