Crippen hears that charities have called on Government to prioritise those who are more vulnerable to the virus

Three ‘disability’ charities have called on the Government to ensure that disabled people, including those with learning difficulties and autism, as well as their families and support workers, receive prioritisation for the new COVID-19 vaccination.

The call from Mencap, Sense and the National Autistic Society, is in response to interim advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), which the Government are using to steer their approach to vaccination. The advice is heavily biased towards older people aged 65 or over, and they feel does not give sufficient prioritisation to disabled people.

Last week, Public Health revealed that COVID-19 deaths for people with a learning disability in England are six times the average.  The review found that those aged 18-34 with a learning disability were 30 times more likely to die with the virus than their counterparts in the general population.

According to the Office for National Statistics published in September, 59% of all deaths involving COVID-19 from March 2 to July 14 were of disabled people.

Richard Kramer, Chief Executive of Sense, said: “The needs of disabled people have been consistently forgotten by Government and this can’t continue as we look to find a way out of the pandemic.”

This was echoed by Edel Harris, Chief Executive of Mencap, who said:

“People with a learning disability have experienced shocking discrimination during the pandemic. They have been subjected to blanket ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ notices, refused admittance to hospital and left in lockdown long after everyone else.”  

And Caroline Stevens, Chief Executive of the National Autistic Society, stated: “Our research shows the pandemic has left people with Autism and their families stranded.”

Description of cartoon for those using screen reading software

Two figures in lab coats and wearing PPE are stood in the Covid 19 Research Laboratory. Behind them are three disabled people, two with Downs Syndrome and another with Autism Rules on his top. One of the Lab technicians has just noticed them and is saying: “You know you said that we needed some guinea pigs!”

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