Crippen looks at how we’re shaping up to be discarded once again

My cartoon this week is my perception of how this government have changed the status of disabled people so much over recent years that we’ve once again become the square peg unable to fit in societies round hole.

With legislation slowly rounding off our edges over the past decade or so, recent changes to legislation introduced by the government have once again created a situation where we no longer fit.

Those rights that we fought so hard for have mostly been discarded by the introduction of Brexit, with the loss of European equality legislation, and also the implementation of the Coronavirus Act which has seen the suspension of large parts of the Care Act.

With no real opposition to their relentless dismantling of the legislation that at the very least offered us a chance to participate in the outer fringes of society, we are once again left out in the cold.

Description of cartoon for those using screen reading software

Boris Johnson is standing watching a man in shirt sleeves attempt to hammer a large square box into a round hole with a giant mallet. On the mallet is printed ‘tory policies’ whilst on the box is printed ‘Disabled people’. The box has started to crumble around the edge being hammered. The man with the mallet is saying: “Well they can’t say that we haven’t tried to make them fit!”

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