Crippen says it’s time to stop this backwards slide!

2020 was a year that most of us would prefer to forget, whether due to the Covid pandemic or the abysmal way in which disabled people been scapegoated by this Neo-conservative government.

Coupled with the negative changes to social care and special educational needs legislation that this government passed through in the Coronavirus Act, there is also the not-so-subtle undercurrent of a eugenics based agenda that continues to erode any future health and social care policy that we could expect.

It was also a year where the reality of no longer having our own watchdog, the disability rights commission really hit home. Absorbed within the general equalities framework we were once again the Cinderella figure, pushed to the back of the queue with any progress towards equality for disabled people effectively going into reverse.

It’s time we insisted that this government apply the brakes to this backwards slide, before we end up further back than where we originally started!

Description of cartoon for those using screen reading software.

Several disabled people representing a variety of impairments and ethnicities are sliding backwards down a ramp. Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) is pouring slime onto the ramp from a large barrel. The Ramp has a large arrow pointing upwards with the lettering ‘Disability Equality’ displayed alongside of it. Boris Johnson is standing next to IDS who is saying to him: “That should help them all slide back into obscurity!”

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