Crippen hears about recruitment drive for disabled astronauts

Sorry, but I couldn’t resist it. Sending Crips into space … it’s just got to be another way they’ve come up with to get rid of us (or a great idea for a cartoon anyway!).

European space chiefs have launched their first recruitment drive for new astronauts in 11 years, with particular emphasis on encouraging women and disabled people to join missions to the Moon and, eventually, Mars.

And why not? Just think about it. Who else will have developed the problem solving skills that we have, as a result of negotiating our way through the machinations of a disabling society?!

But, apart from that, think about the benefits of experiencing weightlessness for those of us with physical impairments as we drift through space. No need for our clunky wheelchairs or walking aids; no more hoists or sliding boards. We just float everywhere.

Description of cartoon for those using screen reading software

A large rocket is filled with disabled people who are peering out of a large round porthole. Wheelchairs and crutches are scattered on the ground before it. On the rocket is printed ESA (for European space agency), a large wheelchair symbol and the words ‘Mars Mission’. A piece of paper lies on the floor with ‘news – disabled into space’ printed upon it and up in the sky is a large red planet. Boris Johnson is about to press a plunger to send them into space. Alongside of him is Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) who is wearing a name badge and who is saying: “But if you send them all away who’ll be left to blame and persecute?!”

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    Hi Dave,

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