Crippen has some interesting responses to his last Blog …

Been getting some interesting responses from my latest DAO Blog posting about the question asked in the National Disability Survey about being happy about having a physical relationship with a disabled person.

One response has acquainted it to asking a white person if they would be happy having a physical relationship with a black person; something that would have sent so many discrimination alarm bells ringing within the mainstream press. But of course, as we all know, disabled people don’t really have any real rights, do we?!

Comments about Adam’s reference to “low level eugenics thinking” also hit the spot with quite a few of us Crips. I suppose the question is encouraging people to say they wouldn’t have a child with a disabled person for fear the child would be disabled – and that could be interpreted as ‘eugenics thinking’?

A comment by our feisty mate and fellow activist Nabs Sil in Facebook adds another twist:

“I certainly won’t be doing this neo-fascist survey. Obviously, if the State has an agenda for culling “Useless Eaters”, as people like me were described in Hitler’s Third Reich, it needs to know what targets it should be aiming for.”

Unfortunately, the petition set up by The National Federation of the Blind of the UK (I included a link in the Blog posting) seems to present a few access difficulties, so some folks have been unable to use this to express their own feelings about this debacle.

Here’s a solution. Why not use the comment section on this Blog and I’ll gather your responses together and create an overall look at how we all feel about this … over to you guys.

Description of cartoon for those using screen reading software

It is the office of the Crips Own Disability Survey team. A young Asian man is at a desk covered in returned survey forms. He is holding up a couple in his hands and is saying to a white female wheelchair user with spiky pink hair who is sitting alongside of him: “And they all agree that they wouldn’t have a physical relationship with a member of this government!” The woman is replying: “Enough said”

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