Crippen and further delays to the publication of the government’s disability strategy.

I think that we can safely say that we are now into summer and that the cross-government disability strategy which was to be published early in the Spring hasn’t yet happened.

But don’t worry, the so called Minister for Disabled People Justin Tomlinson has told MPs on the work and pensions select committee that it would “possibly, probably” be published … er, maybe before the summer recess in July?

He also thought that the health and disability green paper which would include changes to disability benefit assessments, the Access to Work system, and benefit sanctions, might also be published at the same time … er, maybe.

Talk about dithering. Just how does this excuse for a Minister keep hold of his job? Although, as far as this Tory government is concerned, he’s doing an excellent job, procrastinating and delaying any meaningful dialogue that would ensure any future for disabled people in this country.

I was going to include some of his comments about various aspects of the green paper, but I found myself losing the will to live when I heard what he had to say to his fellow MPs about the caring and sharing Department of Works and Pensions (DWP).

Surely he was being ironic when he told them that the DWP would be “absolutely on top of (their) game in identifying potentially vulnerable claimants”. No doubt like they were with the thousands of disabled claimants who have died during their draconian assessment process?

No, I can’t stomach any more … but if you feel up to reading more about the utter drivel he’s been spouting about this caring Tory government, and how they are going to completely change the way they treat us, Disability News Service have provided a full account for you.

Description of cartoon for those using screen reading software

Minister for disabled people, Justin Tomlinson is standing next to a display on the wall. The display heading says ‘new DWP logo’ underneath which is a large red heart with ‘caring 4 you – DWP’ printed in white upon it. He is holding a piece of green paper with ‘gov green paper’ printed upon it and is pointing at the display with his other hand. He is looking at you, the audience and is saying: “It was designed by Iain Duncan Smith – what do you think?!”

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