Crippen responds to Boris’ latest gamble with our lives!

So, instead of just throwing the baby out with the bathwater, Boris Johnson seems determined to flush most of the disabled community down the toilet along with anyone else who falls within the ‘at risk’ category.

Despite Covid cases having risen to their highest level since January, he is determined that most remaining Covid-19 restrictions in England will be lifted on Monday 19th July. This is in spite of a backlash from government scientific advisers who have warned that doing so would be like building new “variant factories” according to an article in the Guardian.

The move to remove restrictions has been supported by the new health secretary, Sajid Javid, despite his  recent claims that, based on scientific evidence, it would not be possible to eradicate the disease and that the country would have to “find ways to cope with it”, as we did with flu.

One of the government advisors Professor Stephen Reicher pulled no punches when he commented on Javid’s claims. He said: “It is frightening to have a ‘health’ secretary who still thinks Covid is flu. Who is unconcerned at levels of infection and who wants to ditch all protections while only half of us are vaccinated!”

Meanwhile a further 24,248 cases were recently reported in the UK – up from 15,953 on the same day the previous week with the north-east of England recorded a particular surge in infections. Only Oxford and Tamworth have recorded greater increases during this period.

A worrying final note from Christina Pagel, a professor at UCL who said: “Something weird is happening in the north-east, and it’s a bit worrying. Not only are cases there rising rapidly, so is hospitalisations and the proportion of tests recording a positive result.”

So, watch yourselves folks. I for one will continue to wear a mask whenever I’m mixing with people who are not part of my bubble. I’ll also still keep following the advice of the medics by washing my hands frequently and socially distancing myself. Boris may succeed in culling a high number of us with his latest gamble, but I’m determined it’s not going to include me!

Description of cartoon for those using screen reading software

Boris Johnson is playing dice with the Grim Reaper who has Covid 19 printed upon his black cloak and carries his scythe upon his shoulder. Boris is saying: “You make gambling with the lives of disabled people so easy!”

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