Crippen discovers that nothing has changed with regard to benefits assessments!

So, it’s still going on. Over 72% of the negative decisions made by The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) with regard to Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) are being overturned at tribunal in favour of the claimant.

I can remember writing about this happening back in the day when it was mainly Atos who were denying claimants their rightful entitlement. Now it’s Capita and Independent Assessment Services carrying on the tradition.

Following the release of the Tribunal Statistics Quarterly: January to March 2022, earlier this month which detailed the overturn figures in favour of claimants for PIP and ESA, Labour MP Kate Osamor, asked the DWP:

“what assessment are being made of the performance of Capita and Independent Assessment Services?”

In a written response, Ms Smith, said:

“There is a comprehensive performance regime which drives the Assessment Providers to meet stringent quality standards. Through robust contract management processes and by working in partnership, we continually monitor and work with APs to manage performance and obtain maximum value.”

Now, maths isn’t my strong point but if the DWP were to just give the benefits to those disabled people that claimed, rather than pay an independent assessor to wrongly assess them, then pay court costs on the top of that, surely it will be a lot cheaper in the long run? Or is that too simple?

What do you mean that I’m forgetting those Tory MPs who have got their grubby little fingers in the lucrative assessment pie … surely not?!

You can appeal a decision about your entitlement to benefits, for example PIP, ESA and Universal Credit – read more about the process here.

Description of cartoon for those using screen reading software

The scene is the office of the Independent Assessment Services (IAS). Two white males wearing grey suits are sat at computer terminals. They are surrounded by failed PIP and ESA claim forms. One of the men has wheelchair symbols on the sides of his desk with a cross through them. A white woman wearing a purple business suit and an identity badge with DWP written upon it is standing behind him. She is saying: “You’re a natural at this type of work – how do you fancy coming and working for the DWP?!”

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  1. Posted by Nabil Shaban on 19/07/2022 at 14:11

    It is not going to change either…because Governments are always looking for excuses NOT to spend tax-payers money on the needy, only to friends and sponsors of ruling political parties


  2. […] Crippen discovers that nothing has changed with regard to benefits assessments! […]


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