Crippen looks at Queues … and Nirvana

You might remember an interview I did with Nabil (Nabs) Shaban back in June of this year. In it he told me about an encounter he’d had in India when he was told that because he’d deliberately chosen a grossly inferior physical incarnation, that if his soul survives the arduous life’s journey … he would, upon death, achieve Nirvana.

Crippen and queueing

I don’t know why, but that stuck in my mind and when I’d decided to create a cartoon about the passing of the Queen and the extraordinary queue that formed in order to file past her laying in state, well, they sort of came together!

I’ll just wait for the knock on the door by the men who wear red uniforms and silly hats, with an invitation to spend some time in the Tower of London.

The cartoon has already passed the “surely you can’t print that!” test, so here goes nothing!

Description of cartoon for those using screen reading software

The late Queen is seen standing in a queue of people. She is looking somewhat bemused. On the wall above the queue is a sign that reads ‘Welcome – please queue here for the next stage of reincarnation’. One person in the queue is saying to another: “Who’s going to tell her that this is the queue to be reincarnated as a disabled benefit claimant?!”

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