Cartoon resource

Hi folks,

at the moment I’m creating cartoons for most areas of the fight against cuts. Most of them relate to the situations that disabled people are finding themselves in (disabled people being hit the hardest), but there’s also a few generic ones that can be used by our non-disabled brothers and sisters out there.

Here are a few of the latest one’s, which I hope you will copy and circulate around your own protest networks. Could I also ask that you copy and paste the description of the cartoon as well in order to facilitate those people who use a screen reader.

If you have the funding and wish to use any of this work, please look out for members of the various disabled people led groups who will be at the London Rally on 26th March and give them a donation. Just tell them it’s from Crippen!

Crippen's 'eat cake' cartoon

Sure to have upset some Royalists with that one! Never mind, here’s the next one …

Crippen's TUC cartoon

And there goes my TUC fan base! The next …

Crippen's Damocles cartoon

This one is currently being used by my friends at the Socialist Health Association who can be found on Face Book at –

In solidarity.


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