Big Society – Beg Society

Crippen's Beg Society cartoon

Quite often someone will say something to me, or I’ll pick up something from another person’s blog and an idea for a cartoon will emerge. The ghost of this particular cartoon has been sitting  amongst the other clutter in my head, just waiting for such a trigger to bring it forth!

So, if it was your original idea or part of something you said to me then thanks. Send me a message to remind me and I’ll be happy to stick a credit against the cartoon for you.

In the meantime, keep protesting brothers and sisters and don’t let the bastards get you down!

NB: No sooner had I posted this then I got a message from our mate Graham Findlay who told me that the term was first used by his friend Hilary Meuleman-Pfarrer. Thanks guys 🙂

4 responses to this post.

  1. I am sure your intention was to get a reaction with this cartoon and I’m sure you have done that, my thought is that it’s quite patronising.

    Many disabled people who are campaigning for better welfare rights DLA/Motobility etc are not begging they are campaigning for what should be rightfully theirs, I agree that society needs to change it’s attitude towards disibility but I don’t understand why you would ask for your name to be removed from the “Broken of Britain” campaign? I understand that your name was used without your consent and that would also anger me, but what are the group doing that’s so wrong? Don’t we all want disabled people to be treated with respect and dignity and recieve all those things that others take for granted, I cannot see why you would not wish to be associated with such a campaign.

    I’ve read up on the “Social Model of disibility” and I see nothing in that which would conflict with their goals and aims.

    I love your blog and I think your cartoons are fantastic…..


  2. You’re right. My intention is to get reactions to my cartoons and this one in particular seems to have worked. Perhaps the cartoon can be interpreted in another way; that the Tory government are working at creating two societies – A Big Society and a Beg Society – with the Beg Society comprising of all of us who are on state pensions, benefits and other care services? Nothing is as it seems with a Crippen cartoon!

    I think that I’ve said all that I want to regarding Broken of Britain.


  3. Thanks for taken the trouble to comment on the blog.

    Take care,



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