Our voices being heard! » tank

Crippen’s tank cartoon

David Cameron is in a tank with the words ‘big society’ printed on the side. He is wearing a helmet and a camouflage top. There are also half a dozen wheelchair emblems painted on, as though they were confimed hits. Under the tracks of the tank are various signs that have been crushed and broken. They include signs that read ‘United Nations disability rights convention’, ‘human rights’, ‘independent living fund’ and ‘article 19’. There is also a newspaper laying on the ground called the tory news. This has printed on its front page ‘ Cameron condemns those ruthless dictators who have no regard for human rights!’. In front of the tank is a young wheelchair user. She is blocking its progress and is also glaring up at Cameron. Cameron has a suprised look on his face as the tank gun visibly wilts!

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