Why we need a NEW ‘Disabled People’s Resistance Movement’ by Bob Williams-Findley.

The Tory Reaper

“We have campaign groups like DPAC and BT, and I’m aware of the effort that is going into what disabled people are doing right now, but I believe we need to have a visible “resistance movement” which brings all the strands together in a ‘Rock Against Racism’ style approach.

“This doesn’t need to be organised in the traditional Disabled People’s Organisations style; our central drive has to be to gather support for disabled people in face of the savage attacks that are falling upon us.

“This ‘movement’ needs to be militant, visible, and extremely challenging – I agree with linking with UK Uncut and employing direct action methods to get our message across – we also need to use other media and alternative forms of protest too. Working with non-disabled people will be essential.

“Duncan Smith has demonstrated that the Government has a ‘kill or exploit’ policy which is creeping nearer and nearer to the Nazis’ T4 programme. Our lives ARE at risk; it’s no longer about being excluded or marginalised and offered inadequate services – the fact IDS used the word “fester” transforms the landscape – people with impairments are now viewed as “a sickness” – the same type of landscape the Nazis created for the Jews and other ‘unacceptable groups’.

“No doubt he’ll claim he used “fester” to mean ‘left without support’, but we know that this is bollocks because the Government like all of those before them maintain our social oppression. The mask has slipped, finally the ruling elite reveal their resentment and contempt for the “ABNORMAL, CRIPPLES and FREAKS” who have been burdensome due to the Welfare State. The knives are out; they ARE out to get us!

“We MUST mount a resistance, fighting cuts and oppressive policies, is not enough in relation to this ideological onslaught – it is a State run ‘hate campaign’ and more and more disabled people will die.

“I’m not going over the top or being alarmist, this is a measured political analysis of our current situation. Me simply putting out a “call to arms” will achieve nothing in itself; what is required is for disabled people, especially activists, to come together to shape our destiny – unless there is a genuine effort made to build a resistance movement, many of us will not have a future.”

Bob Williams-Findley is well known within the disabled people’s movement both as an academic and an activist. Please leave your responses to Bob’s article within the comments section of this blog. Thankyou.

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  1. I whole heartedly agree – disabled and supporters (are there any?) have to become far more militant. Many hard working activists are too polite. Sadly despite their extreme hard work, self sacrifice, research and intelligent writing, it just isn’t having any impact. We are not just up against the ignorance/hatred of the general public, Government and the media but, horror of horrors, the charities who should represent and fight for those with disabilities. Attending a demonstration is very difficult for those with many kinds of disability, just getting to a venue a mental/physical and financial nightmare. The cuts are already reducing the ability of many to act independently. Indeed, the cuts have been a very effective way of neutralising a fight back by those with disabilities and their carers.

    The imminent loss of DLA and change to PIP which thousands will not qualify for. The shocking speed with which all this has gone through means that far too many have been too slow to realise how serious it all is. No services, no benefits and no housing. Reduced to a terrifying existence without care, leaving many unable to eat, wash, get out of bed or to leave accommodation. How many will become terrified, starving, prisoners of one room. No wonder there have been suicides.

    Personally, I am facing homelessness possibly within weeks. Son has double hemiplegia, movement disorder and partially paralyzed throat. Need access to kitchen to make his special food stuff up, but threatened with bed and breakfast, we just can’t cope in b&b.

    Frightened and angry in equal measure. For everyone needing care and support, we must fight and we must:



  2. Posted by Anita Bellows on 09/06/2012 at 20:33

    This new movement if it get started, needs to get non disabled people on board. It is happening but not fast enough. Disabled people can organise themselves and they have been doing quite well until now but this is not enough. It is not a disabled issue, it is an everybody and cross-party/people issue.


  3. Posted by sian healey on 09/06/2012 at 20:47

    the only supporters that the disabled have are those who care for them – not the paid HCA’s but those who give up THIER lives to help us exist in ours, my carer – otherwise known as my fiancee – and i will support and help in any way we can, we’re in teesside in the north-east of england, i’m still waiting to have an appeal for DLA (16 months and one adjournment later (because they didn’t have a piece of paper they wanted – but hadn’t bothered to apply for) and my tory MP has been extremely unhelpful) so travel is difficult but any on-line stuff we’re happy to undertake if it helps to get this fixed (although i have to say, my hopes are not high that we’ll get anywhere – we don’t have the bbc and national newspapers in our pockets)


  4. I agree with the article, for too long people have been too polite, too nice, cosying up to Politicians etc.

    I’m critisized for my stance on the Paralympic Games, I will NOT give it any support so long as Atos are involved, any person who supports the games is, as far as I’m concerned, not really aware of what’s happening or more likely too bloody nieve?

    I have also found that many people are unwilling to work together, some groups are very clique, like the article states, unless we can get together and fight this government united we may not have a bloody future… Great article…


  5. Isn’t the whole point here that public money was criminally gambled away by the world’s elite, and the disabled and poor as usual, have to pay for that?

    Perhaps it’s naive to expect any truth or principles from these Tory’s or the previous shower of faecies?

    Let the War commence!


  6. Dare I suggest WOW might help towards this, launches tomorrow 8pm 18/12/12


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