Crips are a punishment from God!

Devil's work cartoon

Crippen’s devil’s work cartoon

Last Thursday in the United States, Virginia Republican State Delegate Bob Marshall spoke at a press conference against state funding for Planned Parenthood. He blasted the organization for supporting a women’s right to choose, saying that God punishes women who have had abortions by giving them disabled children.

This is the sort of thinking that was prevelent in the medieval ages when people believed that having a disabled child was a punishment for, amongst other things, being in league with the devil. And it’s taken a long time, especially in some parts of the world, for these beliefs to change.

Naturally disabled people in the US are up in arms about these latest comments, even those who are against abortion, and are demanding that he stand down.

What’s really frightening though is not only that people in a position of authority can believe this sort of superstitious nonsense, but that they are allowed a platform on which to air it.

It’s not a far step from what our own government are doing to the disabled people of this country – demonising us by persuading people that we Crips are all benefits scroungers, and soley responsible for the current financial crisis!

We need to challenge this sort of thinking wherever we encounter it and not rest until disabled people are no longer scapegoated for society’s ills.

Read more about the fascist thoughts of this US Republican by clicking here.


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  1. David Holmes via FaceBook
    Problem is that I’ve had this thrown at me in Plymouth, that I committed a sin in a previous life and my being a wheelchair was God’s judgement on me. Hocus Pocus of course and many of my “Friends who are Christians” would never consider this in any way shape or form. There are enough who do though!

    Celia Lawton-Livingstone via faceBook
    My mother told me that my disabled daughter was my punishment from God when she was born, so this isn’t exactly new and I’ve never forgotten what she said. Actually severely disabled people are a blessing because they allow us to be compassionate and demonstrate our better nature as human beings… always assuming you have one of course, which rules out this government.

    Peter Hall via FaceBook
    Can you imagine a world where weirdo ideas actually take the reins of political power!!!

    Timothy Dunton via FaceBook
    We going down the glenn hoddle route of religious teachings??!!

    Barbara Smith via FaceBook
    What a mad man…we are all born with imperfection some worse than others but for it be said it’s punishment he’s barking mad.

    Gail Loynes via FaceBook
    I have been told this many many times – especially at church when I used to sing in the choir!!!!!

    Helen H Green via FaceBook
    I’m a Christian and have been told by a handful of other ‘Christians’ that I must have sinned and that is why I’m disabled!!!!


  2. I’m all for respecting other people’s beliefs but those who tell disabled people and anyone who’s suffered some kind of trauma that it’s divine retribution / karmic payback for something or other or something they did about six hundred lifetimes ago… well they’re beneath contempt as far as I’m concerned. There’s only one response to comments like that, and it’s “Fuck off”.


  3. unfortunately Peter Hall, they are already in power in this country! (UK). Even ‘our dear leader’, has himself has had a disabled child (who died) & we may be forgiven for expecting a modecum of sympathy; however, instead we see him dig him up regularly, but only when their is political advantage to be gained!?


  4. Lynn Harrison via FaceBook
    Incredible! But hopefully, the condems might start to fear that disability activists are?

    Bob Marshall’s parents must have done something really bad! ;P

    Ann Whitehurst via FaceBook
    What, that we, as disabled activists, are like a mission of punishment for the condems? I think we really do need the pigeon transformation of us doing a large doo-doo of overwhelming stink on their individual heads … putting them out of action for 100 years … what a dream.

    Jonny B Good via FaceBook
    I thought they where in power (@ Peter Hall),seem like a right bunch o weirdos to me.

    ATOS Miracles via FaceBook
    Another good one, Dave. As someone who is now looking at the possibilities of reincarnation I can tell you that the real thoughts behind it are NOT about being punished for being ‘bad’ in a former life. Just doesn’t work like that – in the same way with the false ‘Christian’ message of punishment for sinning, etc… x

    Helen H Green via FaceBook
    I’m a Christian and have been told by a handful of other ‘Christians’ that I must have sinned and that is why I’m disabled!!!! Such love by some huh….

    Merry Cross via FaceBook
    Still Helen? Oh dear, some people never learn. My response to them is ‘May you never become disabled’.

    Jim Paterson via FaceBook
    Praise the Lord all is now clear , terrorists are the workers of God , sending little children to be angels, even though they are might be a little disassembled. What a load of shit, If there is a God will he please save me from the fuckwits that believe this crap.

    Bob Williams-Findlay via FaceBook
    Republicans were the result of God having one of those “bad hair days”. The Tories were when Her toilet over-flowed! Anyone who equates sin with impairment need pity and free pass to Hell.

    “God punishes women who have had abortions by giving them disabled children.” If you follow that logic, I wonder what his mother got up to …

    No, not “bonkers” (@ Ross Marc Campbell) – they’re too busy eating, killing and hating others to waste time using anything they have been the ears. Not all Americans believe this crap however!

    Ross Marc Campbell via FaceBook
    why are so many americans bonkers?

    Jim Paterson via FaceBook
    I once totally lost it with a Catholic Priest, I was working on a Casualty in a pub bombing in Belfast when this God bother-er tried to tell me who I should treat, as he had given the last rights to a number of casualties, I came very close to shooting him, I was God in that room. I made the decisions who might live at that time not him or his invisible fucking mate who he came very close to meeting face to face that day .


  5. Posted by Elaine Tilby on 16/09/2012 at 22:50

    As well as having a physical disability which has become more obvious and debilitating as I have gotten older, I also have bipolar affective disorder which has gotten more problematic with age and being forced over the tipping point.
    Whilst most Christian I know are understanding, I have come across one or two who are convinced that my mental health is as a result of being possessed by something evil or otherworldly………. something I thought would no longer exist in 21st century UK.
    You got to feel sorry for those poor ignorant people – they seem to forget that anybody can fall ill at any time or get knocked over by a bus at any time, and they obviously have been so brainwashed that they cannot believe that mother nature makes us all unique and all of us have flaws, some are just more apparent than others …………….. its just so sad that far too many people believe what is preached to them and will never be able to accept that disability is no ones fault, it just is, and it certainly isnt to punish the wonderful devoted parents of children born with any form of disability.


  6. and the other side of the coin is we are born disabled because we are god’s gift, we are special, lessed with his powers. Always remember my pals being touched for good luck on this basis. I’ve got another two personal stories on this. I once let a woman touch my head and babble in voices but you would have too Dave if you’d have seen her. Oh the loneliness of the long time crip. The other one is too long for repitition here but a lot more radical and a whole lot less pathetic but still ends up in embarassment for me.


  7. Tina Hogg via FaceBook – Thank you for this … I don’t know whether to weep with despair or fight … but I know I have to keep fighting this sickening bigotry


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