To experience mental illness is a lonely old affair,

some view it as a crime without a doubt.

And the label ‘schizophrenia’ is one they like to give

to anyone that they can’t fathom out.

So whenever mental illness is given cover by the press,

Exaggerated hyperbole is then used.

Often, out of context just to boost the story line,

it’s no wonder understanding gets confused.

The truth is not so glamorous; it doesn’t give a thrill,

the reality to them is just a bore.

It’s more exciting for the readers, if they can all believe,

that mental health equates to blood and gore.

For most landed with these labels, in ignorance or fear,

confronted by the prejudice they’re shown.

The thought of hurting others is the last thing on our mind,

we’ll more often harm ourselves and die alone.


In loving memory of those

Mental Health System Survivors

who didn’t make it …


Description of cartoon for those who use screen reading software

A journalist with a laptop on his knee is questioning a psychiatrist who is sitting opposite him. On the wall a sign reads ‘Mental health services’. The psychiatrist is saying: “whereas the reality is that someone with a mental illness is more likely to harm themselves than anyone else …”. The journalist, with a gleeful look on his face is writing onto his laptop: ” A top shrink states that axe weilding nutter is a real threat to decent members of community!”

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