Hate Crime

Hate crime survey

Whenever the Right Wing rears its ugly head, then the rise in hate crime grows exponentially. Whether focussed on sexual identity, impairment, race or religious belief, anyone who is ‘different’ becomes the target for these mindless individuals, who are also usually part of a larger group  or organisation.

Some people say that it’s due to fear, a fear of something different or alien to what is considered the norm and is therefore seen as a threat. Others say that it’s more about looking for someone to blame for the ills of society; unemployment, recession, etc.

Whatever the cause, the people who are targeted are usually the more vulnerable members of our society. People who are already facing barriers that prohibit them from playing a full and active part in our society.

Obviously, I’ve tended to focus more on hate crime directed at Disabled people; my writings and cartoons reflect this. But, as this cartoon character indicates, a lot of people can fall within several categories of discrimination!

Description of cartoon for those who use screen reading software

An Asian man is being throttled by an angry looking white male thug. At his feet is a broken crutch and he is holding a form that reads ‘Hate crime survey’. He manages to ask the thug: “And one final question sir – do you hate me because I’m black, gay or disabled?!”


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