Disabled Little Willie

doggerel 2

It’s really rather silly that Disabled little Willie,

decides he wants to organise his life.

He seems to think it’s easy,

and that life is bright and breezy,

with nothing that will cause him any strife.

He says he wants his own space,

and to live out in the rat race,

to flex his wings and learn just how to fly.

He wants control of money,

which we think is rather funny,

considering we’ve never let him try.

With our ‘special needs’ investment,

and our social skills assessment,

We’ve had a lot of training, and it shows.

We can plan his life in detail,

never thinking that we could fail,

It’s so easy – just to lead him by the nose.

So what’s with all this independence?

It’s all a load of nonsense,

‘set up to fail’ he really has no choice.

Controlling all his choices,

our status quo rejoices,

He’s better off not knowing how to cope!


Description of cartoon for those who use screen reading software

A white male in a suit is standing over a young wheelchair user and wagging his finger at him. A sign on the wall reads ‘Federation of charities for the disabled’. The man is saying: “And when we want your opinion – we’ll tell you what it is!”

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