Crippen says ‘It was on a Monday morning …’


It was on a Monday morning that the builder came to call,

and took away the sign above the door.

He took away the office walls and made it open plan,

‘till we were all made equal – and what’s more …

On Tuesday came the new sign, with its lettering so smart,

A ‘Resource Centre’ now, the words proclaimed.

And we’ve all become the ‘Users’ at this new exciting place,

Oh, what a lot of progress we have gained!

On Wednesday came the cleaners with a bucket and a broom,

to sweep away the old style we were told.

They brushed out every corner, and made us shine like new,

it really was quite something to behold.

Come Thursday we ‘participate’, with members of the staff,

they tell us that equality’s the way.

We even see our care plans (which are usually locked up),

it’s really great that we can have our say

On Friday something’s different, staff are muttering in groups,

so perhaps we’re not as equal after all?!

We hear words like ungrateful and that we have rocked the boat,

now there’s a different sort of writing on the wall.

It was on a Monday morning that the builders came to call,

and put back the old sign above the door …



Description of cartoon for those people using screen reading software

An older white male is pushing a young Asian wheelchair user towards another white male who is putting up a sign. The sign reads ‘resource center’. On the floor at his feet is another sign that reads ‘day center’.

He is obviously replacing one sign with the other. The older male is saying: “Now you can tell people that you DON’T go to a day center!

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