Crippen asks ‘why does the villain have to be disabled?’


I’m looking for a villain, a real nasty piece of work,

someone who’ll make the public want to scream.

He’s got to be so gruesome, not at all like you and me,

so bad, they’ll even see him when they dream.


Our hero gets to battle him, so he’s got to be quite small,

in fact an evil dwarf could play the role.

Or he could be in a wheelchair, or maybe use a hook,

or with mental illness blackening his soul.


And could you make him hunch-back, with maybe just one eye,

or perhaps you’ve got a black one on your books?

With our hero tall and handsome, and most definitely white,

we’d want to make the most of how he looks.


Forget about equality, it’s not what people want,

distorting how we think is still the game.

We’re really good at stereotypes and reinforcing the belief,

that you must be evil – if you’re not the same.


Description of cartoon for those people using screen reading software

A young white female is walking towards a casting director holding out her invitation to audition for the part of the wicked woman in a film. However, the director is already escorting another young woman off the set. This other woman is a white disabled woman with a pronounced spinal impairment and uses a walking stick. Both of the woman look very similar with the same hair colour and clothing, but with one of them being obviously disabled. The director is saying to the late arrival: “Too late my dear – but we’ve already found someone who makes the perfect villain!”

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