Crippen and Sex


I thought that this title would grab your attention!

So, is sex different for Disabled people? Do we ‘do it’ like everyone else? Doesn’t the wheelchair get in the way? These and a thousand similar questions are at the forefront of people’s minds whenever the question raises its head. Of course, it’s different … it’s better!

Imagine utilising some of the aids and adaptations that we use. Never mind just jumping off the top of the wardrobe. Just wait until you’ve used the Wessex hoist position or lain on top of an anti-bedsore mattress (they vibrate!), or gone for a spin round the bedroom in your electric chair, two-up and naked. Sex is never the same again!

And of course, we have those people who really get off on us Crips. They call themselves ‘devotees’ or Acrotomophiles and are only able to get aroused with someone who has an impairment. The favorite seems to be with wheelchair users. Something about power/control here methinks?!

Another popular Fetishism is all about making it with someone who has a limb or part of a limb amputated and is called … you’ve guessed it, Amputee fetishism. Then there are the people who have an intense desire for their own partner to be an amputee. This is known as Acrotomophilia (I’m assuming that they don’t act on this?!).

The last one on our list is Apotemnophilia, which is an intense desire to be an amputee. They are also known as “wannabes.” Often wannabes act out their fantasies to be disabled through limb-binding and the use of loose clothing.

Each to their own is what I say.


Description of cartoon for those people using screen reading software

A young white male and a white female are naked in bed together. She is holding an artificial leg in her hand as she passes it over him. She is saying to him: “Do you mind if I get my leg over?!”

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