Crippen and challenging the stereotypes

stop press

A flash of teeth, a crafty eye,

a manner bold and jaunty.

“Got a quote that I can use?

A story line which will amuse?

Some dignity that you can loose?

No task will ever daunt me?”


“Some pluck’s the thing, I’ll write it down,

with tragedy and pity.

Not quite the ticket, wrong tack too?

But this one is exactly you!

So, here’s what I’m prepared to do –

I’ll tell them that you’re pretty!”


“And will you pose in wheelchair bound –

our camera man’s a treasure.

He’ll have your clothes off in a flash,

Just show your scars and then we’ll dash,

To catch our deadline – make a splash.

It really was my pleasure!”


Description of cartoon for those people using screen reading software

A journalist and a photographer are interviewing a young black disabled woman. She is holding a document labelled ‘thesis’ and is telling the journalist: “My thesis challenges the stereotypes of disability …”. The journalist however is writing on his pad: “despite suffering from a tragic handicap, this plucky student triumphs against all odds!”


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