Crippen thinks that Boris is in over his head!

The lack of a joined-up strategy is the least of Boris’ worries. His failure to properly think through the sweeping changes he has made to equality legislation and those affecting disabled people in particular, means that he is currently presiding over a government that appears to be completely rudderless.

Groups like the Alliance for Inclusive Education (ALLFIE) have recently called him out on the changes he has made within the Coronavirus Bill that affect learning disabled children. To date they’ve received no response from him.

Other groups and organisations are also asking him to explain what his long-term plans are for disabled people about employment, housing and social care. Again, a resounding silence!

Boris must dream of the days when all he had to focus on was Brexit. Just feed the gullible public false facts and figures and push through the agenda that would only benefit those able to make a further profit from the situation.

His priority seems to be saving face and throwing more smoke and mirrors at us as he continues to bumble around out of his depth!

Description of cartoon for those people using screen reading software

Boris is sat at a table working on a laptop. On the floor at his feet is a piece of paper with ‘Care Act’ crossed out on it. Another piece of paper reads ‘Coronavirus Bill’. He is turning to look at a civil servant who is holding a piece of paper with ‘PPE shortages’ written on it. On the wall behind him is a notice board with ‘The Plot’ written on it. A yellow note is pinned below the writing with ‘lost’ written on it. Boris is saying to the civil servant: “Never mind PPE – we’re running out of smoke and mirrors!”

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  1. Posted by A6er on 28/04/2020 at 15:13

    Reblogged this on Tory Britain!.


  2. Love the little details, like Boris’s slip, slipping …. it would be funny if it wasn’t so frightening hearing the coverage they get on the media and the persistent lies and obfuscation.


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