Crippen gives the heads-up for a Parliamentary Survey

Oops, nearly missed this one. Although they have said that people can still respond after the closing date. So, here goes …

A Parliamentary Select Committee have been set up to find out how the measures put into effect regarding the pandemic have impacted on disabled people – although they have used the term ‘people with protected characteristics’ within the survey.

They want to know how you have been affected by the illness, or the response to it. If there have been specific impacts on you due to you having a ‘protected characteristic’ (being a disabled person), and whether there may be unforeseen consequences to measures brought in to ease the burden on frontline staff, for example relaxing the measures under the Mental Health Act and Care Act.

The Government has said current measures will be reviewed in three weeks’ time, and measures in the Coronavirus Bill be voted on again in 6 months’ time.

The results of the survey will allow them to change or improve the current measures which could be acted on in three weeks’ time and what needs to change or improve, which could be acted on in 6 months’ time.

You can comment from a personal, organisational or expert opinion, or a mixture.

They will look to follow-up this work in 12 months’ time to build a more complete picture of how people with protected characteristics have been affected.  

To participate, please click on this link and then go to the bottom of the survey page and press ‘start’.

Please feel free to discuss any questions with the Committee staff on or telephone 020 7219 6123.

Description of cartoon for those people using screen reading software

This is an illustration to accompany the blog content. It consists of several images representing a variety of disabled people with differing impairments and ethnicity are all working on their computers, laptops and smart phones. They are floating on a pale green background. Some of the computer screens have wording visible which states ‘have your say’ and ‘my experience …’

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