Crippen asks you to remember those disabled people who died before the pandemic

Just prior to the virus taking a hold within the UK, John Pring, disabled journalist had written a detailed, yet harrowing account of the disabled people who died during or following a DWP benefits assessment.

DWP prosecutions?

This article, entitled ‘DWP – the case for the prosecution’ provided detailed information about some of those disabled people who had lost their lives following involvement with the Department for Works and Pensions (DWP). It also stated that Iain Duncan Smith and Chris Grayling (both portrayed in the cartoon), along with other senior civil servants should face a criminal investigation for alleged misconduct in public office.

Compounding this The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has now rejected calls for it to investigate those deaths. It claimed that it was not able to carry out an inquiry into DWP activity “due to the pandemic”.

Not saying that those people who have died because of the Covid 19 virus are not important, but it is vital that we don’t allow those disabled people who died due to changes in the benefits system to slip into obscurity.

Please read John’s article and refamiliarize yourselves with the details of this terrible crime against our disabled community.

Vicky Foxcroft, Labour’s shadow minister for disabled people, had also backed the calls for EHRC action. You can contact her and add your support by emailing her at

Description of cartoon for those using screen reading software

Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) and Boris Johnson are stood beside a workman changing a large sign in front of a cemetery. Opposite them stands Chris Greyling MP. The workman is fixing a new sign which reads ‘In memorial – disabled who have died of natural causes or had agreed to DNR protocols’. Discarded on the floor are two signs with big red crosses through them. The first one reads ‘In memorial – disabled who have died following DWP benefits assessment process’ and the second sign reads ‘In memorial – disabled who have died due to Covid 19 pandemic’. IDS is saying to Johnson: “It’s what we call sanitising history PM – very soon everyone will only remember what we tell them!”

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