Crippen and a not-so-hidden agenda

I know that I’ve banged on about this before, but the evidence is mounting with regard to this government following a not-so-hidden agenda with regard to disabled people. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but there are certainly patterns if you care to look, and not very hard at that.

I’ve blogged about most of the cuts that Boris and his cronies have implemented since coming to power, and in particular since the current pandemic with the enactment of the Coronavirus Act. Along with other Bloggers and disabled activists I’ve tried to raise awareness of the fact that the dismantling of the parts of our democracy that provides the equality safety net for disabled people is happening now, in front of us.

We’ve not only lost a large part of the Local Authority care provision that we’d fought so hard for, we’re also losing crucial parts of the SEND educational provision that currently provides our disabled children with their only chance at an education.

Undermining all of this are changes to legislation which has resulted in the 2014 Care Act being torn up along with the European Convention on Human Rights being ignored. The protection that we’d started to take for granted has been thrown away like yesterday’s flowers.

We also now discover that due to this government’s failure to contain the spread of the virus and to put in place adequate protective measures in care home and amongst care workers, over two thirds of those who have died have been disabled people.

So, is it just me, or does anyone else see a pattern here?

Description of cartoon for those using screen reading software

Boris Johnson and Demonic Cummings are standing facing a small group of disabled people. One of them is a black woman with a small child clutching her leg and another is a white male wheelchair user along with two other woman with no visible impairments. Boris is giving them a thumbs up. At his feet are pieces of shredded paper with social care in tatters, health care in crisis, SEND education in bits and benefits system at breaking point, written on them. Another piece of paper reads thousands of disabled dead from Covid 19. One of the disabled people is saying to her friends: “So there’s not really any conspiracy theory – they really are inept!” Another of the disabled people is thinking: “I still think they’re out to get us!”

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