Crippen looks for the missing money

OK, call me old fashioned, but didn’t it used to be that when a person went into politics and became an MP it was to represent their constituents?

And if you happened to have an interest in something that came up during parliament, like an involvement in a business being discussed, then you declared an interest and stepped back. You were there to represent those who didn’t have a voice in this large political machine. People like us, disabled people pushed to the margins of our society.

So, what’s changed? Well, nothing as far as the Tory party are concerned, as the house of commons has always been a launching pad for their aspiring political stars who had an eye to a position in big business at a later stage. But something has shifted, and as disabled people it’s having a direct affect upon our welfare as funds that should be ear marked for social care are apparently being syphoned off into the private sector.

Stories abound about secret deals being made, bypassing the open tender process between various cabinet members and companies which they are involved with. There’s the Ofqual A-level contract, the COVID 19 contract, the Department of Health and Social care contracts, the list goes on. And Gove, Cummings and Johnson are at the front of all this activity.

So, what’s happened to accountability? Why aren’t they being challenged by those other MP’s who are working along side of them?

When yet more services are being cut under the excuse of Coronavirus crisis expenditure, where’s the money that could help save disabled people’s lives really going?!

Description of cartoon for those using screen reading software

Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Demonic Cummings are dancing around holding glasses of champagne and singing “we’re in the money, oh we’re in the money!” At their feet are empty champagne bottles and pieces of card with the names of the company they have an interest in, like Babylon Health, Dynamic Maps, AI and Public First. Opposite them are two disabled people. A young white male wheelchair user and a black male with a guide/support dog and wearing dark glasses. He’s looking puzzled and is saying: “How come when so many disabled people are dying, they’re celebrating?!”

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