Crippen eavesdrops on a DWP training session

It’s good to see that the DWP are continuing along in their fantasy world, oblivious to the real world that exists outside of their ivory towers.

One of my regular DWP whistle blowers has told me of an exercise that they participated in recently based upon so called feedback from disabled claimants.

Statements like “The DWP have been shown to really care about disabled claimants” and “We are continuing to build trust between front line staff and disabled claimants” are just a couple of the claims made by the DWP. Oh, and my favourite one: “The majority of people are satisfied with the disability assessment process.” You just couldn’t make this up could you?!

So the real problem as I see it, is that they don’t see that there’s a problem. Or they do, and this is just a way of brainwashing their staff into believing that they are doing a great job and should keep dishing out the same shitty treatment to disabled claimants … cause we’re apparently lapping it up.

This is just another example of the work that the DWP propaganda division (they surely must have one?!) are doing to twist facts and provide an image of themselves that is far from the truth. A bit like their response to the recent  National Disability Survey where they cherry picked a couple of positive comments and ignored the many negative responses that they received.

It reminds me of a certain regime in pre-war Germany, and look what they ended up doing!

Description of cartoon for those using screen reading software

Boris Johnson is rolling around on the floor laughing as Therese Coffey is indicating towards a black board on which is written such statements as ‘ the majority of disabled people think that the DWP is doing a great job’. Boris is saying, with tears streaming down his face: “Brilliant Therese – have you considered writing comedy sketches?!”

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  1. Posted by A6er on 07/12/2021 at 16:44

    Reblogged this on Tory Britain! .


  2. Posted by A6er on 07/12/2021 at 17:43

    In the past 10 years I’ve had 3 WCA’s.
    The 1st when I first claimed after my accident in 2011 resulting in damaged spine, crushed discs and Cauda Equina Syndrome.
    Straight onto DLA Support Group.
    3 years later DLA to PIP transfer WCA resulting in removal of disability vehicle and Support Group downgraded to Work Group.
    Mandatory Reconsideration denied. Housebound for 9 months til Tribunal date in which DWP were rebuked and censured by Judge who read the exact same overwhelming medical evidence that the DWP had.
    PIP restored but took another 3 month to get Motability vehicle again.

    In 2017 was called in again for PIP WCA, 15 MONTHS EARLY!
    Now I’ve compounded my spinal issues with Osteoarthritis in spine, hip, knees, neck and shoulders.
    PIP result downgraded again to Working group, disability car removed and Mandatory Reconsideration denied.
    I’m raging now, as is my Consultants, my GP, Physio, Advocate and Carers so phone calls are made to DWP, Independent Assessment Services (Atos before they rebranded after losing contract), my MP, and solicitor.
    Within 4 days everything returned.
    Amazing how they suddenly backtrack when you stand up to them AND have the medical evidence to back up your situation.
    There will be chancers trying it on in every benefit scheme but it’s unfortunate that real disabled and sick people are being targeted as being an easy touch to cull, and I do mean cull in the literal sense too, just look at the number who’ve died after having their awards ended.
    The Tories are truly hateful bastards to the disabled community and if you find the strength to fight them to Tribunal stage you’ll have a 75% chance of beating them.


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