Crippen discovers that the Labour Shadow disability team just aren’t interested

Well, now we have it. The reason why the Labour Party seem incapable of offering any challenge to the fiasco that this government have inflicted upon us Crips is that their Shadow Disability Team aren’t really interested!

Not Interested: Crippen Blog Dec 2021

It appears that they are just not interested in any of the research undertaken that establishes how the deaths of disabled claimants were not only avoidable but seems to have been part of a calculated move to cull the so called ‘useless eaters’ of our society (that’s us folks!).

Encouraged by Labour MP John McDonnell, disabled researcher Mo Stewart has attempted to work with Labour’s shadow disability unit, supporting them with social policy briefings and facts and figures in order that they can provide a strong challenge to the government’s attacks on our NHS and other social care provision.  She has also supplied a submission to the Works and Pension’s Committee’s new call for evidence regarding assessments for health related benefits.

The response from Labour’s Shadow team is that they are NOT interested in research, with one member apparently suggesting that they would only want to see any research at the time of a general election. The Shadow Minister for Disability Vicky Foxcroft actually going so far as to tell Mo that she “isn’t interested” in any research!

So, how does the Shadow team expect to be able to hold the DWP to account when resisting access to all evidence that identifies the mental health crisis created by the Work Capability Assessment (WCA)? The mind boggles!

Looks like we’re well and truly on our own folks!

Description of cartoon for those using screen reading software

The office of Vicky Foxcroft, Shadow Minister for Disabled, who is behind her desk. A grey suited flunky approaches her with a stack of documents. He says to her: “More research Minister proving that the government are to blame!” Foxcroft indicates a large container full of research documents relating to the government selling out NHS to U.S and DWP deaths etc. On the container is a sign that reads ‘documents to be incinerated’. She say to the flunky: “Not to worry – just put it with all the other evidence!”

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