Crippen and Segregation by Stealth

Let’s face it. They’ve been trying to get us Crips off the streets for quite a while now. We’ve become such a pain in the arse for most of the disability status quo, and that includes government departments and those charities that claim to represent us, that there’s nothing they’d like better than to make us disappear from public view once again.

Segregation by Stealth

Well, they’ve achieved part of their plan. By imposing a lock-down when the Covid virus hit our shores some two years ago, we’ve been sheltering at home trying to keep ourself safe. We’ve adapted to ordering online and meeting up by using social media facilities like Zoom. If we have had to venture out we’ve all been masked up and keeping the recommended distance apart, hurrying back to the safety of our own homes as quickly as possible.

And then Boris decided that everything was OK. That it was safe to venture out and mingle, even throwing our masks away. Although many of us Crips didn’t trust these assurances and remained in our homes, still Zooming, and ordering online. Meanwhile those without a health condition that put them at serious risk from Covid could soon be seen cavorting around once more without masks and meeting up in large groups, attending concerts and generally returning to pre-Covid days.

And what’s happening? Well, Covid is once again rife amongst our population and people are dropping like flies. Admittedly, these are mainly of an age where they’ll experience something like bad flu symptoms and recover within a couple of weeks, achieving the ‘herd immunity’ that Boris and his cronies were advocating from the very start. But where has that left those of us with a health condition that makes us extremely vulnerable to the effects of the virus? Well, we’re having to isolate and impose stronger restrictions than we did at the very beginning. With thousands of people catching and spreading the virus amongst our family groups and local communities we are even more at risk than before, leaving us with no option but to remain within our homes and off the streets!

Description of cartoon for those using screen reading software

A group of people are tossing a large inflated Covid virus into the air. Music is playing from a small ghetto blaster and they are all laughing and jumping around. Through the window of an adjacent house can be seen two disabled people. One of them is saying: “It’s one of Boris’ new party games – pass the Covid parcel!”

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