Crippen: Accessibility by Royal Appointment

Due to the barriers that she’s now encountering in the palace and other properties of state, it seems that HM the Queen has joined our merry band of disabled people.

True many of her impairments are due to the aging process and you would have thought that they would have planned ahead a little bit and anticipated this. But it looks as though they didn’t and HM is now faced with innumerable stairways, high plinths leading to inaccessible thrones, extremely heavy crowns and other paraphernalia of state, and being expected to stand and then meet and greet an endless succession of sycophantic visitors.

Apparently she’s been offered the use of a wheelchair but doesn’t want to be seen as … well what?! They haven’t shared her comments in relation to this but one can assume that she doesn’t want to be seen as vulnerable and dependent upon others (welcome to the stereotypes of disability ma-am). And anyway, ramped access and wide doors appear to be few and far between in the buildings that she frequents so a wheelchair would be about as useful to her as a pogo stick.

I was thinking of asking DAN to get in touch and offer to protest with her outside of Buck House. Although come to think of it she’s not got too good a track record when faced with disability in the ranks. Remember her two cousins that I blogged about a while back?  Nerissa and Katherine Bowes-Lyon, who were admitted to a mental institution in Redhill, Surrey when Nerissa was aged 22, and Katherine was only 15 years old. Officially classed as imbeciles, they spent the rest of their lives locked away … with not even a visit from any of the royal family.

I’d keep an eye on Charlie ma-am, especially if he starts looking at brochures for care homes!

Description of cartoon for those using screen reading software

HM Queen is sat inside of a palanquin which has been parked inside of a disabled parking bay. Four flunkies stand at each corner alongside of the carrying poles. A traffic warden is writing in his notebook and is saying to them: “I don’t care who she is – no blue badge means that she gets a fixed penalty!”

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  1. Posted by John on 22/05/2022 at 16:07

    If only this was beer a joke and applied to every car park, everywhere! No disrespect to her Majesty, but certain members of the public abs especially the corporations who pay the parking companies for “patrolling” them, could do with some executive bonus related penalties for failing in thrift legal duties to us all!


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