Crippen: Tories have had the brakes put on their disability policies

The government has decided to “pause” some of its disability policies after being told by the High Court in January that its National Disability Strategy was unlawful.

You’ll remember that the High Court had ruled that both a botched national consultation – carried out under the previous minister for disabled people, Justin Tomlinson – and the strategy itself were unlawful and made it “impossible” for disabled people to “shape” the content of the strategy.

The court concluded that thousands of disabled people who took part in the consultation were not given enough information about the government’s proposed strategy to allow them “intelligent consideration and response”.

The government had argued that the survey was just an information-gathering exercise.

In a letter sent out to stakeholders this week, and in a statement to parliament, the minister for disabled people, Chloe Smith, said the government had accepted that it needed to pause a “limited number of policies” that are referred to in the strategy or are linked to it.

She said this decision had been taken to “minimise the risk of acting inconsistently with the Court’s declaration” and that the government was still waiting for a decision from the Court of Appeal on whether it will be allowed to appeal the high court’s ruling.

So, let’s see how they wriggle out of this one … some more retrospective legislation perhaps?!

You can read more about this in Disability News Service

Description of cartoon for those using screen reading software

The Minister for Disabled People Chloe Smith can be seen driving a small truck which is pulling a waggon full of government policies. The waggon is labelled ‘disability policies’ and the truck is labelled ‘Tories’. A man in a high court wig and gown is holding up his hand and is shouting STOP. Under his arm is a large High Court ruling document. The truck has screeched to a halt and the documents are tumbling out of the waggon. Smith is looking at us and is saying: “Those bloody disabled people and their court rulings are becoming quite a problem!”

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