Crippen’s original cartoons still challenging society’s attitudes

Hi folks,

My apologies for the lack of blogs over the past few weeks. I’ve been concentrating on resurrecting those old cartoons that I created back in the 1980’s and 90’s, changing them from the grainy grey scale images to my current, more accessible coloured style. Here’s an example …

I’m still knocking on the various fund-raising doors and now have Alison Smith handling this side of things for me. With her experience with the Arts Council and other arts bodies over the years, things are looking very positive for the New Year. I’m also still getting funding in from your good selves through the Crowd Funding/Just Giving platforms. Thanks for your support in this respect.

It’s been fun looking through these old cartoons, some never having made it to print as the opportunities back then were few and far between. Fortunately, I kept a lot of my scribbled notes and rough sketches for ideas based around the formation of the Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People (GMCDP) and the British Council Of Disabled People (BDODP).

Unsurprisingly, many of these earlier works are still as relevant today as they were some 40 years ago. Nothing much has changed really, especially with regard to the general public’s attitudes towards disability and how they expect us to live our lives.

This cartoon is one example that has had several manifestations over the years. The point being that we are still viewed as asexual beings with any suggestion that we can also have same sex and transgender experiences causing mass hysterias amongst the so called “normals”!

For those of you who may still wish to contribute to my Cartoon Resurrection Project, here’s the link to my Just Giving page. Thank you.

Description of cartoon for those using screen reading software

Two disabled women are looking down at an older white male who has just fainted and is lying on the ground. Alongside him is a clip board with a survey form on it which reads ‘Survey – the disabled and their habits’. The wheelchair user of the pair is saying: “Do you think it would have been better if I’d just left it that we are disabled women … without adding that we enjoy sex together?!”

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