Crippen trips over another new Minister for disabled people

Shuffle … shuffle … shuffle …

They’re at it again as another Tory MP is selected to become the Minister for Disabled People. This time it’s that clean cut white boy Tom Pursglove, MP for Corby and East Northamptonshire. With his big smile and shiny teeth, you’d be forgiven for mistaking him for someone who sells double glazing!

When are they going to put a disabled person in the post and leave them to do a proper job, with adequate resources to develop the role? Although this is the Tory government we’re talking about, and when did they give a shit about disabled people other than to attempt to cull us all by exposing us to the Covid virus!

Come the revolution …

Description of cartoon for those using screen reading software

A white male wearing a smart grey suit is standing alongside of a sign that reads ‘Minister for disabled people’. There is a space on the sign for the Minister’s name which the man is holding. It reads ‘Tom Pursglove’. On the floor beneath the sign is a pile of several more name boards with the names Cloe Smith, Justin Tomlinson, Sarah Newton and Penny Mordaunt. The man is saying: “They’ve told me not to bother putting my name up as I’ll be gone in a few months!”

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