Crippen joins with ROFA to end the violence and abuse inflicted on disabled people in so-called care homes

Reclaiming Our future Alliance (ROFA) are holding a campaign planning event to discuss ending the violence and torture of Disabled adults and young people in care.

ROFA claims that while education, health and social care is being underfunded, profits are being made through incarceration and segregated provision in which Disabled people are subjected to tactics of violence, harm and torture.

A recent report in the Guardian newspaper stated that:

“The failures behind the scandals, by contrast, are rooted in systems that are massively opaque. In the case of children’s homes and residential schools, the bodies responsible include Ofsted, local councils and a tangle of profit-making companies … The statistics speak for themselves: The top 20 private providers making £250m+ in annual profits, alongside a 9% cut in funding per pupil”.  

ROFA wants this money to be spent on improving the life chances and opportunities for ALL Disabled people (whilst) the government want to lock them up and pour profits into shareholder returns for corporations! 

Join ROFA’s campaign planning event on Wednesday 10 May 5-7pm via Zoom. BSL interpreters will be available.

Description of cartoon for those using screen reading software

A young person is sat upon the floor in a bare cell gazing up at a barred window high above their head. Around their foot is fastened a ball and chain. The large iron ball has ‘Care’ written on it. The image is provided by ROFA and is created by Ruby Fresson.

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