Lies, lies and more lies?!

Crippen's take on the ATOS targets

Minister denies ATOS targets

Last night both CH4’s Dispatches and the BBC Panorama programme took Minister Chris Grayling to task for still insisting that the assessment company ATOS had not been set targets regarding the number of people that they should reject for benefits and deem fit for work.

This was something that had been claimed by trainers and doctors working for ATOS and also by disabled people who had been through the assessment process.

Part of the BBC Panorama programme included film of ATOS doctors verifying thast they had been given government targets to meet.

Pants on fire time I think Mr Grayling!

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  1. I took pleasure in seeing him swear unequivocally that there were no targets when both documentaries clearly showed their were. Now lets just see if it makes any difference.


  2. Can I save and share the picture? I’ll link to this blog in the description, I just think that’s brilliant. 🙂


  3. Posted by John Hargrave. on 31/07/2012 at 13:41

    This government is getting worse by the day, on many occasions they have had to resort to telling lies to the people of this country, however I now believe the general population can see through these lies. Their treatment of disabled people is gross, and it is Minister’s like Grayling who provoke the general public to carry out the soaring numbers of hate crime.
    Tory membership has plummeted as even their own supporters turn their backs upon them, those who do stick with them should be ashamed of themselves. They know full well about their savage attacks on disabled people, they know only too well how many people have died, they know full well of the failing Atos system and I still can’t believe the limpet Nick Clegg has not walked away, the Libdems will suffer at the ballot box for turning BLUE, and not lifting a finger to help the plight of disabled people who are being tossed aside on one man’s whim. Do everyone a favour, and go now.


  4. Just about says it all what a lying bunch of wasters they all and do remember it was the labour party in power started this.


  5. Posted by Linda Burnip on 31/07/2012 at 18:28

    I thought the target was 1 million people cured by ATOS and always was. ATOS miracles don’t half put the churches to shame.


  6. Posted by Merry Cross on 31/07/2012 at 19:42

    Great cartoon as ever, Dave. But let’s not harp on folks, about Labour having started it…it wasn’t the same leadership as we have now…maybe we can persuade Labour to be the ones to finish it too, by making sure this bunch of …burning underwear… get booted out next time!


  7. tbh, I thought that what he actually sweared to was very carefully defined to avoid telling a lie (the phrase “financial targets”, for example – to which ATOS wouldn’t be committed as theirs is a numbers game anyway!)


  8. i appreciate you sharing this information here. it was a brilliant post. thanks!


  9. Posted by Deborah Caulfield on 01/08/2012 at 20:12

    Just watched these progs. Both good, I thought, in their different ways.


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